I got Zoink’ed

rndblablalongRemember me?

About a year ago I was really tired of working by myself and started to look for people to work with. After talking to several companies I decided to work with the amazingly talented people at Zoink and after working for them as a freelancer for a few months I accepted an offer of employment.

Zoink is a small studio that makes games, so I’m back in my old business . I work there mainly as an art director, but since we are such a small team everone takes on several roles, which means that I’m also very involved in game design.

This is the reason for me not showing this blog any love for more than a year. Sorry about that. Work has been taking a lot of my time.

Unfortunatly I haven’t had time to follow what’s going on in the FOSS comunity either. However, I still use Inkscape and Blender quite regularly at the office. Unfortunatly Mypaint doesn’t work with the 24 inch cintiq that I use at the office. I really hope they’ll fix that in the next version (please!).

I will try to write a bit more (Guess most people have forgotten me by now though:) ). At least I will try to write about the projects that I’m involved in at work. Right after this I will post about one of our new games…

Thank you!