Late night drawing.

I remember what it used to be like creating pictures. When I was a kid and could still impress myself. Nowadays I’m not so interested in the result but more the actual process. Quite honestly I almost never like the finished image. I just like making them. Does it sound weird? The multitude of images all around makes me a bit full I guess. But the process of making them is more like playing an instrument. The music is there as long as you play and when you stop, the music stops.

This unfortunately makes me quite bad at finish my work. When I don’t find the process interesting anymore I say it’s finished and put it up here on the blog. Against all good advice to only publish a few assorted examples of my best work. Maybe I should go over all the images in the gallery for a touch up? Some of them certainly need it. When  I do commissioned work it’s another story though. Then I transfer from arty to business mode (with a little arty on the side). Enough with the silly. This evenings drawing, continuing in the same spirit :



  1. Morey wrote:

    I could watch Schidnelr’s List and still be happy after reading this.