F(L)OSS Game making

I used to be in the games business. Working as a modeler and texture artist. Mainly working with Maya and Photoshop. With that background I’m still very interested in games but mainly the works of the small, independent studios. Games that more resembles the games I used to play as a kid and what made me fascinated with it from the beginning. Right now I’m going crazy over a level in VVVVVV which I got with the latest Humble indie bundle.

Many of my modern favorite games is actually made with non-programmers tools. There is quite a few tools when it comes to make games on windows for those of us, who like me, is too dumb to learn how to program. There is  GameMaker which I think Cactus uses (I’m a huge fan of his work!) There is Scirra’s Construct, that used to be open source (albeit relying on direct x which made it impossible to compile on Linux) but I think that they went for a different license for v.2. There is Ren’Py which is actually in the Ubuntu repo’s and was used to make this gem. And of course AGS. The software for running AGS-games is ported to Linux but not the actual editor. I know that Blender has a game engine but I’m talking 2D.

I would love to have more tools like that on Linux. I know that there is PyGame and that I could never get the same quality as I could if I learned how to program. But there are times when I just want to try a concept. Or make something simple. Prototyping. If I’m alowed to dream I would love to have an open source 2D application running on Linux that is more similar to Blender. I sort of touched on it here and I will try to blog about the whole idea when there is more time. And with similar to Blender I mean a 2D application which you can use for animation and has a game editor among other things. I’m pretty sure there are game making tools for Linux but I haven’t been able to find it. Not that is as easy to use as the ones I listed above (except for Ren’Py of course). If you know of any, please put it in the comment field. Thank you for reading.