I wish I wrote

My thought with this blog was actually to use it for much more than just posting huge amount of images (finished and not). But, I’m not really that used to writing. Writing is a bit to naked and I guess that’s something I just have to deal with. This is usually how it goes, I get an idea for a blog post (say for instance on ideas for a great FOSS 2d application that I would love to have, taking the best of blender and mypaint and mixing it up and then be able to export the results as html 5, just to name one thing :) ).

The process begins. Instead of just writing it down, push post, await reactions, mark the idea as dumb, I start to try to create the whole thing myself. Or, not really. Since I don’t have any idea how to program, I draw lots of sketches and trying to find all sorts of resources online. After a while I’m so fed up with it I have to find something else to do. Instead of inviting others to my ideas I just end up scrapping them. Very much not the F(L)OSS way of doing things. On my part this comes down to a very problematic case of low self esteem.

It affects my work as an illustrator a lot. More often than not I’m thinking that I should seek another career (maybe gardening?). There is a thousand reasons for me having this problem but that’s not really important here. What’s important is that I find the key to start writing and invite people into my ideas. Maybe by writing a not so thought out blog post and just post it. Like it’s no tomorrow. Just wing it. I’ll think I do that.

Pressing publish…




  1. Keep going.

    “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

  2. Sara Olsson wrote:

    Snygg hemsida. Tio tummar upp =)

  3. Will Price wrote:

    Keep posting, I love your artwork, I like the sounds of your applications as well – Just don’t think too much, publish often.

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